Sunday, April 16, 2017

Rare 14's up for auction in the U.K.

Mike Scott sends along this link to a bevy of rare English 14's being auctioned off this June. A bunch of late 1920's, 1930's Uffa bones 14's in this collection

A list from the announcement:
  1. Clover - K232 Morgan Giles Teak. Stewart Morris's 21st birthday present.
  2. Alarm - K347 Very famous boat raced by Stewart Morris.
  3. Encore - K847 Kirby 2. Stewart Morris last boat. Has been modernized. Very good condition.
  4. Lightning - K290 John Winter's boat.
  5. Taiyara - K396 This boat is in First class order
  6. Corona - K374 Steep rise of floor. Very good river boat. Pretty good condition.
  7. Imp - K170 Very early International 14 which is very similar to Uffa Fox's own Avenger. Imp has been restored to a very high standard by Colin Henwood.


  1. I don't think the auction went ahead!

  2. I heard that a bunch of them went to China, probably to hang in swanky restaurants/hotel foyers....

    1. The Beale Park auction didn't; the liquidation auction did and yes over a hundred boats are on their way to China.

      Auction listings here; log in and you will see the prices that were made.