Saturday, September 8, 2012

Catching up - another US One-Design surfaces

This blog has been dormant for most of the summer. It happens.

I have been receiving some emails and here is one I would like to share (look at the post following this one for a Douglas and McCleod 14 that is up for sale).

Allan Pickman of New Hampshire has picked up a Douglas and McLeod Int. 14 and has posted on the Woodenboat forum about his find. The hull looks very restorable. Unfortunately he is thinking of putting a rig other than the normal International 14 rig into her.

From a photo I lifted from the Woodenboat forum.

Douglas and McLeod 14 up for grabs

I received the following email just last week from Bill Haugen;

"[I] wanted to let you know about my Douglass & McLeod boat with sail US 264, currently located on Tilghman's Island, MD.

The cold-pressed mahogany boat was purchased from the builder as part of a fleet by Dartmouth College about 1945. About 10 years later, a group of physicians in Burlington, Vermont bought the entire fleet from the college who was planning to replace them with new boats.

The first man to launch and board his new vessel stepped though the hull. The result was that the whole fleet was taken to the Shelburne Shipyard in Shelburne, VT, where a thin skin of fiberglass was applied and new gunnels were made for rigidity and sitting comfort.

In 1964 after my high school graduation, I purchased "Whirlaway" from a physician whose daughter I had been dating and with whom I had often sailed the boat over a several year period.

Over the succeeding 48 years, I have maintained and sailed the boat in Burlington, in the Dartmouth area, in the Belgrade Lakes area of Maine, and now in the Chesapeake. Throughout the many restorations I have taken great pleasure in bringing it back to its original glory, the most recent being three years ago. Since then it has taken a beating and again needs attention.

At this point I can no longer take pleasure from the excitement and risk of dinghy sailing and I want to pass the boat along to someone who will continue to love it, sail it, and maintain it."

Bill sends along the following photo.

Looks like a good vintage International 14. Respond through this blog using the profile email and I'll pass it along.