Sunday, November 17, 2013

Restored 1935 Uffa - Uffa Centenary Regatta

This picture was at the back of Yachts and Yachting magazine, September 4, 1998. Beautifully restored Uffa International 14 Wirlwind. Note the typical tumblehome at the transom of the pre-war 14's.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

US 915 - The Lowman Mk 1 - A 1970's clinker design

Clinker or lapstrake designs are a rarity in the International 14, particularly from the 1950's onward (we do have the lapstrake designs of the Canadians, from the period just before and after WWII, during the transition from the LSSA 14 to International 14 - see this previous post). There was several Proctor 6's that were built in clinker by Wyche and Coppock from England during the 1960's but that was about it. Thus US 915, home designed and built by Seattle 14'er Rich Lowman as a clinker design, is an anomaly.  US 915 surfaced on the Internet recently when owner Marcus Raichle put her up for sale. It is a plywood 6-planker, the hull form described as somewhere between a Kirby 4 and Kirby 5; a Kirby 4 1/2. The interior tank layout is typical of this period but leading the jib outside the hull and then to a turning block to re-enter the hull was certainly unconventional. This one-of-a-kind 14 has found a new owner.

Photos sent along by Marcus.

Update 07/16: Eli Semke writes to say he has purchased US 915

"I recently purchased International 14 hull US 915. Cool boat! This is my introduction to International 14’s, though I remember more modern ones sailing out of Shilshole. Thought I’d reach out, let you know where she’s at (Port Townsend). I’d love to learn about the history of this boat.