Monday, April 17, 2017

"GrowlTiger" Souter Kirby 2 For Sale

I've been sitting on this since January (apologize for the delay). From Geoff Wiswell:

"GrowlTiger has all her papers and was built in 1964. A Kirby [sic] Morgan boat. Totally restored with rebuilt aluminum mast, new Spectra trapeze, new main and Jib with a wonderful working roller furler. All new blocks and new traveler. She is a beauty....GrowlTiger is ready to go and also has a blue boat cover. I am looking to sell her at a reasonable price and want her to go to a home where she will be enjoyed.

The photos show a beautifully restored, early Kirby 2 (short foredeck, curved mast thwart) built by Souter in England.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Rare 14's up for auction in the U.K.

Mike Scott sends along this link to a bevy of rare English 14's being auctioned off this June. A bunch of late 1920's, 1930's Uffa bones 14's in this collection

A list from the announcement:
  1. Clover - K232 Morgan Giles Teak. Stewart Morris's 21st birthday present.
  2. Alarm - K347 Very famous boat raced by Stewart Morris.
  3. Encore - K847 Kirby 2. Stewart Morris last boat. Has been modernized. Very good condition.
  4. Lightning - K290 John Winter's boat.
  5. Taiyara - K396 This boat is in First class order
  6. Corona - K374 Steep rise of floor. Very good river boat. Pretty good condition.
  7. Imp - K170 Very early International 14 which is very similar to Uffa Fox's own Avenger. Imp has been restored to a very high standard by Colin Henwood.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Photos of the 1979 Worlds at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club

The 1979 Worlds at Long Beach California was the first fleet racing world championship. Previously the International 14 class had used their international team racing week to establish international bragging rights.

The 1979 World Champ, John Gallagher, sends along these photos, taken by Peter Gale, of that championship.

Peter Gale
A little bit of bother on the spinnaker set.

Peter Gale

John Gallagher, with his brother Dave, in US 906

Peter Gale

Peter Gale

The double wire, much lighter, Aussie 14-footers were invited as an "open class". The International 14's were able to stay with, and even win, against them in the light air races but once the Aussie 14-footers were able to use both wires, they were away.

Peter Gale

This appearance by the Australians at the 1979 Worlds was the beginning of the International 14 class moving towards an Aussie 14. Today the modern International 14 is considered an Aussie skiff without reservation.