Sunday, November 8, 2015

Another L.S.S.A 14-footer in Ontario

Mike Paradis, from somewhere north of Toronto, sends along photos of his L.S.S.A 14-footer; best guess is that it is an Aykroyd "lake" 14-footer. It was previously owned by his father-in-law Russ. His father-in-law bought it around 1958-59 but it comes with sails that date it back to 1937. Looking at the photos it appears this one was converted to an International 14 rig as there are two mast steps, one being in the normal position for the original cat rig and the second further back through a thwart. It also has turning blocks for the long foot I-14 genny. Mike confirms there is a jib that came with the boat and his description of the mast matches the Uffa 3 diamond International 14 mast.

Mike is having Woodwind Yachts do a restoration.

Two photos.